Is a DUI You Hitting Bottom?

Is a DUI You Hitting Bottom?

Hitting bottom is a term that refers to getting as low as you can in your life before you begin to change and work your way back up. It is often associated with addiction, whether it be alcohol or drug addiction. For some people, the point of actually hitting bottom is something they never recover from. However, for most, it is the point of change that inspires a better future. Have you hit bottom? Does any type of substance or behavior influence how you live your life? If so, then you may want to decide that now is bottom, and start your journey back.

Clearly Seeing What Bottom Means

One of the more difficult aspects of hitting bottom is trying to define it. Each person has a different idea and perspective as to what bottom is for them. For one person, it may be losing a job because they had alcohol on their breath. For others, it may be getting a DUI after an alcohol-related accident. You need to make the choice as to what bottom means to you.

Look around at your life. Are there things about your life that could be better? Do you have to change around what you do each day to keep up with a habit that controls you? If so, then you likely have some type of an addiction. Once you have a label for it, you can begin to fix it! Decide that this is as low as you are willing to go in your life and that you want more. Decide that you want to regain control over what you do each day.

Hitting bottom does not need to be what defines you. It can be a totally internal choice you make that no one else knows about or understands. It just means that you have made the choice that enough is enough, and you have chosen to seek help. There are many different options for you when you are at your bottom. You do not have to go through some type of life-changing event to make your life better. The choice is yours to make today, right now.

Examples of Hitting Bottom

Each person’s idea of bottom is as unique as they are. What may be a minor event to one person, may be devastating for someone else. Perhaps you started hiding alcohol or drugs around the house so no one noticed you having some of your substance of choice. Then, someone found your stash. This can be your bottom. For others, you may have lost a job or ruined a relationship to continue your drug or alcohol use. Many see this as their bottoming out point.

There is also that line that many people have prior to drinking or using drugs that they swear they will never cross. It is usually that they will never steal from someone they love or lie about their habit. Once the person realizes that line has already been crossed, then they realize where their life really is. This can be a great example of bottom to someone. This becomes the point of saying, no more, and making positive changes to their life.

One prominent example of a person hitting their own personal bottom is getting arrested for a DUI. They think that their future is permanently altered, and they worry about the stigma that comes with a DUI. While this is a life-altering event, it does not have to dictate your entire future. If you have gotten a DUI, you can make things better. Your life does not have to be defined by your lowest point. However, your journey back to the top can be initiated by this moment.

Ways of Getting Your Life Back After Hitting Bottom

Once you have made the choice to fix things after realizing you are at your bottom, you need to take steps to improve your life. Making the choice alone is not enough. Your actions have to follow suit. If you chose to stop using drugs or drinking alcohol, first of all, good for you! Now, you need to reach out to local rehab facilities to get that part of your life going. There are plenty of rehab options out there, so pick the one you feel best about. That way, you are far less likely to ever relapse.

Next, you need to decide what the different parts of your life were that fell into the “bottom” category. Did you lose relationships? If so, then work on getting them back. You may not be able to get them all back, but many of them could be salvaged with the right approach. Did you lose a job? Then go out and find a new one that you can be proud of. Even if you take a remedial job for now, that’s fine. You can keep applying and moving up until you are satisfied.

Finally, take steps to improve your life overall. If you did get arrested for a DUI as your bottom point, get help. There are many places you can turn to for DUI assistance. They know the process, and how to help you look your best when you are put in front of a judge. There are things you will need to do to show that you never want to make this mistake again. This can include a DUI screening, possibly going through rehab, and even online DUI classes. However, each step you take shows the judge you really want to correct the mistake you made.

For DUI Assistance, Reach Out to DUI Class Online AZ

If a DUI was you hitting bottom, do not be afraid to take the necessary steps to fix the issue. Pretending it didn’t happen is not going to give you the confidence to move forward with your life. It is also not going to take away the stigma. Only correcting your life can do those things. Contact us here at DUI Class Online AZ today, by calling (602)535-6468 today. We can help you get your life back on track.

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