Manage Your Depression Following a DUI Arrest

Manage Your Depression Following a DUI Arrest

You will likely go through a wide variety of emotions when you face a DUI arrest. Many feel embarrassed and ashamed. Some struggle with feeling like they cannot be out in public or around friends or family. Getting a DUI can be incredibly isolating.

One common emotion many people face is depression. Between no longer drinking, which many do immediately after a DUI arrest, and the rest of the emotions, you may struggle to feel the same as before the arrest. There are things you can do to help manage this way of feeling.

What Is Depression Truly?

Depression is not just feeling sad, even though many people take it that way. There is far more to depression than just feeling off, sad, or even alone. Depression is a biological occurrence that affects the way your body functions, not just your emotions. You need to understand that depression is a way of living, even if you do not feel as though you are living the best life possible.

It is changes in how your body functions and the hormones coursing through your body. It is not someone being lazy or just feeling like they are entitled to sit down and relax. Depression is not something that can be controlled by choice or doing nothing. You need to take action, and sometimes medication, to control the symptoms.

What Can Be Done to Combat Depression After a DUI Arrest?

Some of the ways to manage depression involve making choices that may not get you feeling better right away. However, if you keep making those choices, they will have a positive impact in a bit of time. You have to be patient and keep trying – they will help. Here are some of the best choices you can make when battling depression.

  • Make Sure to Sleep Well Each Night: Sleep is something many people with depression get too much of, but a lot of it is shortened sleep. You do not get the deep, full, restful sleep you need. Instead, you wake up regularly, struggle to fall and stay asleep, and wake up feeling worse. Get a solid eight hours of sleep whenever you can. It helps your body recover!
  • Eat Healthy Foods: What you eat makes a big difference when it comes to how you feel. Make sure to fill your meals with nutritious options that leave you feeling good and full. Pick lots of natural foods, and steer clear of eating big portions of meat. All meats may make you feel full, but they are also harder to digest, which can leave you feeling sluggish.
  • Get Up and Get Moving: One of the harder things to do after a DUI arrest is getting out, but you need to do it. Getting your body past depression means making choices to get up and move around. Exercise gets your body moving, plus it helps get your mind where it needs to be. The quicker you are able to get up and get moving, the less control your depression will have.

Ways of Overcoming the Doubt That Comes with a DUI Arrest

Another thing that comes from a DUI arrest and subsequent depression is how much doubt you may feel. This is another powerful emotion that feeds depression. Instead of letting it control how you go about your day, you need to make the active choice to control it. You made a mistake, so own it. From there, make plans to prevent this mistake from being one you ever make again.

Create a plan that outlines steps you can take to ensure that you always have something you can fall back on, even if you make a poor decision. For example, if you are going to drink, you are going to give your keys to someone else. That way, you never have keys to drink and drive, and you have no fear of another DUI arrest.

You need to make a plan to protect yourself and those around you from a momentary bad choice. If your choices revolve around drinking alcohol, then you need to change up your habits so that alcohol is no longer a part of your life. Getting sober is not the worst thing you could do after being arrested for a DUI. Instead, it may be the best move you can make. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it. Especially if you don’t do it alone!

DUI Class Online AZ Can Help

When you are ready to plan for the future, without depression and without the doubt that comes from an arrest, then call us. Here at DUI Class Online AZ, we can help you see your alcohol habits for what they truly are thanks to a DUI Screening.

Then, we can also help you learn the effects of alcohol and drinking. You may be under the impression that it is not going to hurt you. However, any amount of alcohol, even the smallest glass, has the potential to cause harm. Some people do not have bodies that are able to tolerate what alcohol can do. You may be one of them.

Reach out to us here at DUI Class Online AZ. Our number is 602-535-6468, and we are ready to help you move forward. No matter what choices you want to make for the rest of your life, they all start when you take your DUI arrest seriously and take the necessary steps to move forward with it. Don’t let one poor choice impact the way you live for the rest of your life.

Depression does not need to be your normal. Instead, you can move past it and live a happy, fulfilling life that you are proud of. We are more than our worst moments, so prove that to yourself and the world. Contact us today, and make tomorrow the start of a whole new chapter of you.


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