Taking Responsibility After a Subsequent DUI

Taking Responsibility After a Subsequent DUI

Getting a subsequent DUI after you have already had one is no fun. This becomes even more devastating when you have to tell your friends and family about the mistake. One of the best things that you can do at this point is to make sure you take responsibility for your mistake. Own up to what you did, and work hard towards making amends. Show that you really did not mean to make this mistake again, and get back on track to living the kind of life you’re meant to live. That way, everyone around you can see that you are trying to get back on track.

Getting a Subsequent DUI Means Harsher Punishments

The penalties for a DUI increase with each offense. They will be harsher than the first time around so that you hopefully learn your lesson this time. By the time you get a subsequent DUI, it means they need to do something that will stand out in your mind. Your potential time in jail goes up, as do the fines you will be expected to pay. You will have more DUI class hours that you need to fulfill, and you will also have more work to do to get your license back. The choice was yours the first time, live and learn, or repeat your mistake. The state of Arizona wants you to live and learn without ever making that mistake again.

How to Take Responsibility After a Subsequent DUI

The first thing you have to do is accept what you did and be open about it. This is likely going to mean talking to friends and family about the situation. You will have more time in court, so you need to make sure they know what is going on if you will need their help. 

Next, you need to immediately start taking the right steps to fix the problem. Look into how to resolve your subsequent DUI. This means getting sober again, if you were before, or at least considering getting sober now if you never stopped drinking. Plus, it means making sure that you have steps in place to ensure you do not fall into this pattern again. If you plan to continue drinking, either do so at home, or make sure you have a ride home. 

Finally, you need to actively get help for the stressful things that lead you towards drinking in the first place. Nearly everyone turns to alcohol due to feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, once alcohol is more than just a habit. Don’t try and manage your stress alone. Get help to manage where you are and what is going on in your life. There are meetings for those who struggle with alcohol daily, in nearly every big city across the US and beyond. If you can find a way to get into a subsequent DUI problem, you can find your way to a meeting.

Get Past the Stigma Problems

Another part of what comes with a subsequent DUI is increased stigma for your actions. This may also be accompanied by guilt. Don’t use these as crutches to stay where you are. You still need to make the active choice to get back to the life you want to lead. Leaning on these issues is only going to hold you back. It is also going to likely increase your desire to drink, since it gives you something to blame or be angry at. Stop worrying about what everyone else in the world thinks of you, and start doing what you truly know is best for you. If you are no longer sure of what that is, seek help. It will become clear to you once the fog clears that is left behind from alcohol.

Getting Help Does Not Need to Be Difficult

Whether this is your first Arizona DUI or your third, you have help options out there. You have people who understand your position and how to get out of it. You simply have to make the choice to reach out to them. It is your decision whether you want to linger on, focused on a mistake, or take responsibility for what you did and move forward with your life.

If you choose to move forward, then please, reach out to us here at DUI Class Online AZ today. We can be reached by calling 602-535-6468. You will not be the first person we have helped go through a subsequent DUI screening, nor will you be the last. We have helped many individuals in situations like yours, and we have a keen eye for what helps. On top of knowing what has helped others, we can also help get you aligned with the right support system to successfully traverse your subsequent DUI arrest.

When you take responsibility for your mistake, the world begins to see you as a human being again, instead of as someone who recklessly took a huge risk. The stigma that comes from a DUI typically stems from them seeing you as that risk-taker. Don’t be afraid to go out and show that you are owning up for what you did. Let the people who matter to you, see that you want to be more than the sum of your mistakes. Call us today, and let us help you get that process started for your life. The sooner you get on the road to recovery, the sooner those around you will start seeing you in the right light again.

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