Why Complete your DUI Class Online?

Why Complete your DUI Class Online?

You’ve completed your DUI alcohol screening; now the courts have issued orders to complete your DUI class with an approved provider. This can mean cancelling plans or getting shifts covered at work to schedule a course with a local office, finding reliable transportation to and from the classes on a suspended license, and spending your time completing the course in a likely cramped and uncomfortable room. OR you can complete the class online with a court approved provider from the comfort of your own home and in your own time.

Is an Online Provider a Legitimate Option?

So long as the provider has been approved by and remains compliant with the proper entities including the local courts and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), they are a reliable option to complete your DUI class online. Here at DUI Class Online AZ we maintain all proper compliance’s and will therefore satisfy court orders for a DUI class in the state of Arizona.

How long do I Have to Complete the Class?

A personal account will be created for you when you sign-up with DUI Class Online AZ, allowing you to log in and out as you please to finish the course at your leisure. So long as the course is completed within the time allotted by the courts, you will remain in compliancy. We also allow multiple attempts on the tests and quizzes in our program, so you can rest assured that completion of the course will never be out of your reach.

What Else Does DUI Class Online AZ Offer?

In addition to maintaining state compliance’s and providing account creation for our customers, our site is fast and secure so you can rest assured that your information is safe with us. Couple that with our HIPAA compliance, friendly and professional staff and our Price Match Guarantee, and you can’t go wrong with choosing us for your DUI class needs in Arizona! Cheap essay writing service.

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